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  • The important role of precision tooling fixtures in manufacturing

    The important role of precision tooling fixtures in manufacturing

    For a country to be prosperous, it must have a strong national industry. In the past 30 years, China’s manufacturing industry has created world-renowned achievements. This is inseparable from the hard work and wisdom of the Chinese people, but the first 30 years have basically been for other peop...
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  • Flexible production helps upgrade China’s manufacturing

    During the two sessions, “flexible production” and “craftsman spirit” appeared in the government work report, becoming a hot spot of public opinion. Specifically, flexible production means that in order to adapt to market changes and respond to market competition, companie...
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  • The original fixture design still has these precautions!

    The original fixture design still has these precautions!

    Fixture design is generally carried out in accordance with the specific requirements of a certain process after the machining process of the part is formulated. When formulating the technological process, the possibility of fixture realization should be fully considered, and when designing the fi...
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  • What are the characteristics of automated fixtures?

    Fixture refers to a tool used to clamp and determine the position of a workpiece during machining. Automated fixtures generally refer to those installed at the end of the manipulator for positioning, clamping, and handling specified workpieces. In recent years, Qianhaodian permanent magnetic chuc...
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  • The present situation of China’s machinery basic parts industry

    China’s mechanical basic parts and components have a wide range of varieties and specifications, large output, wide distribution, and many fields of design, including aerospace, weapons, machinery manufacturing, transportation and other important industries. After years of training, China...
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  • California police use-of-force bill advances after Black Lives Matter, families drop support

    By an overwhelming majority, the state Assembly on Wednesday passed a police use-of-force bill that could give California one of the toughest standards in the nation, days after changes pacified law enforcement but caused some of the bill’s earliest supporters to abandon it. Absent from the Capit...
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  • Niaj hnub

    Niaj hnub

    Nicety Pwm Co., Ltd yog ib qho ISO 9001 muaj ntawv pov thawj, tus kheej muaj lub tuam txhab, yog nyob rau hauv Shenzhen nroog ntawm Tuam Tshoj, peb muaj txog 60 neeg ua hauj lwm. Nicety Pwm yog ib tug kws fixtures chaw tsim tshuaj paus, peb muaj leej fixtures rau tsheb qhov chaw, cov tshuab, pab kiag li lawm, cov kab ntau lawm thiab lwm yam, peb tau eng ...
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